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Soldiers serving at a checkpoint face unexpected life threatening events

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Maale Films Israeli Society War Fiction

Uri, a young officer, together with two soldiers under his command, are manning a checkpoint in the territories. Two women from the 'Watch' organization try to interfere with their work. Uri is confused as he receives an order to close the checkpoint because of a bomb threat amidst the women's screaming. An unpredictable outcome ensues....
Director: Golan Rise 


Produced by Ma'aleh Film School

First Prize for Live-Action Shorts - Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2013
First Prize for Short Drama - Jerusalem Film Festival 2011
Best Film Intercultural Dialogue' at the International Munich Film Festival.

This fascinating story has many facets

Director: Golan Rise

Producer: Ohad Domb

Screewriter: Golan Rise

Cinematographer: Moshe Huri

Cast: Ori Lachmi, Roi Asaf, Meirav Gruber, Anton Ostrovsky

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