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Got No Jeep and My Camel Died

A biography of world music master Yair Dalal

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Like the historical “Perfume Road”, it is a musical journey of Yair Dalal - from the Persian Golf to Jaffa, from antiquity to modern times, from playing with Bedouins in the desert to nomination of the BBC World-Music Award.

Inspired by his music Masters-ancestors from Iraq-Babylon he vows to carry on their vanishing legacy.  A native “Middle-Eastern Israeli”, Yair struggles for recognition in his roots and convictions by establishing his music school so to realize a social-cultural bridge between East and West.
A film by Ehud Tomalak and Amos Michaeli

With: Yair Dalal, Duby Lenz

The Alol Ensemble:

Yair Dalal - Oud, violin, singing
Avi Agababa - Percussion
Erez Munk - Percussion
Asaf Zamir - Percussion
Haim Ankri - Vocals
Eli Benakot - Ewi
Ariel Elayev - Accordion
Heleil Al’Aweiw - Bedouin flute
Atiah Shlive- Gurun
Yotam Haimovitz - Sitar
Eyal Sella - Clarinet, flute 

Guest players:  Awad Shlivi - Sumsumia, Abu Yusef  - Rababa,  Muhammad Garbia

Yair Dalal website


Director And Scriptwriter: Ehud Tomalak

Producer: Amos And Aida Michaeli

Music: Yair Dalal

Cinematography: Amos Michaeli

Editing And Sound Design: Ehud Tomalak

Sound Recording: Haim Aroch, Aida Michaeli

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